Woodlawn Lake a Neighborhood in San Antonio Texas

A neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas named Woodlawn Lake is an area that helps keep the history of this fine city rich and vibrant. Living in a historic area may mean anything from living on land where famous historical events have happened to living near or even enjoying some of the original buildings built back many years ago when the neighborhood was founded.

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Like any community though, there are always changes that occur over time. Some old parts of neighborhoods get torn down to make way for newer, updated complexes while other times places become more popular than they were before they became trendy like health food stores. The Woodlawn Lake neighborhood has seen its good share of change over the years as well but thankfully, most residents would agree that real estate here is still very affordable especially compared to other areas in the city that have recently become popular.

What is it about this Woodlawn Lake neighborhood that attracts so many people? Well, one of the main reasons may be because of its close proximity to local businesses: there are just over seventy shopping centers and stores located within a mere two mile radius from this place. Where else would you find such easy access to things like supermarkets, bookstores or even health food stores without having to drive past town? Some of the little restaurants that are scattered throughout here aren’t too shabby either as they are known for their authentic Mexican food. For those who love visiting museums, the Witte Museum and UT Health Science Center which houses the Texas Medical Center are both also located nearby.

Another great thing about the Woodlawn Lake neighborhood is that it has four different parks where people can go to have some fun and take a break from the daily grind of things. The community center located in Woodlawn Lake Park is not only a place for local residents to drop by and get some exercise but also a hub for any number of special events and community gatherings like hot air balloon festivals, Christmas light shows or even summer concerts on Saturdays! What’s really awesome about this place though is that it has one of those duck pond water features where you would normally find swans swimming about except these ducks are real: they’re so friendly too as they’ll come right up to you and let you feed them whatever it is that you have on hand.

Additionally, the Woodlawn Lake neighborhood holds many events throughout the year like movie screenings, art festivals and even pet adoptions. Anytime you need to get a break from your busy schedule and just unwind, this is definitely a place where you can go  and rest your mind. What is it that’s stopping you from taking a look at the rentals in this area? Availability may be an issue so why not get on the ball now and start looking around before all of the best places are already taken.

Most of the homes in this Woodlawn Lake neighborhood were built back in 1939 but thanks to some well-planned renovations, they still look great even after all these years. Some even go further than just renovation though as many houses here have been converted into loft spaces or condos which means that people with a bit more money can enjoy living right on top of their neighbors which isn’t always possible for everyone.