South San Antonio a Neighborhood in San Antonio Texas

South San Antonio is the all encompassing term for several small, individual communities. South San Antonio itself includes a more centralized community with an assortment of businesses, schools and parks to support its residents. The surrounding communities are often referred to as Sotua or simply SOUTH based on their proximity to Southside High School but they maintain separate identities from one another.

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There may be some confusion among those not familiar with the area when referring to a location South of downtown San Antonio – as that could mean either “south” of the center of downtown or south of central Southtown depending on whether you are speaking in terms of physical distance from the center point (downtown) or in terms of east/west boundaries (mapped right). This distinction is not made when speaking of Southtown and it may be confusing at first. These areas are generally referred to as being in South San Antonio by the residents themselves, but residents may sometimes use other names when referring to their own community – like “south central” for an area south of downtown that would be called central or even north central if going by the map below.

South San Antonio includes several distinct communities:

Rigsby – The Rigsby Historic District (now known as Loma Vista) was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. The district encompasses 9728 acres and 45 contributing buildings. It developed during the early 20th century around a streetcar station, which opened in 1904 at Guadalupe Street and Rigsby Avenue. The area was developed for residential and institutional uses, including a school and church.

Rigsby – Rigsby is the name of both the street which traverses through Southtown and a large neighborhood in South San Antonio. It is also used as reference to the much larger district that contains many squares surrounding this main drag of road.

Many residents are not aware that the actual “Southtown” does not refer to Southtown proper but to an even larger district than what most would believe. Most would consider South Town specifically to be south of downtown (as in on a map) but it actually refers to an ever expanding area with its center point being at Rigsby Ave & S Presa St intersection – at central Southtown.

Southwest – Southwest is also often called the “southwest side” or by its Spanish name, el lado suroeste . Most residents are unacquainted with the official neighborhood boundaries which define it as everything south of IH-35 between South Presa and S WW White Road (including two square miles south of Conally Loop). It includes some commercial development on SW Military Drive near Lockhill-Selma High School but has not seen much residential development.

The community is home to several historic landmarks including Missions Trail Mobile Home Park – a trailer park that runs along Dominion Dr., north of Mission San José and may soon be listed on the National Register of Historic Places due to efforts made by local historian Linda Curtis.