Fort Sam Houston a Neighborhood in San Antonio

It is a great neighborhood to  live in and so many things to do .

In San Antonio, Texas you can find the community of Fort Sam Houston. Located on a military base this is both a residential neighborhood and one that services many military families. It provides some of the most stunning views in any city, not only because of its location on high ground, but also the beauty found within each home.

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Those who live here love their access to stable employment, great schools and wonderful amenities throughout San Antonio as well. This is open to all service members as well as civilian employees and contractors on post. The housing costs are low compared to other neighborhoods in town where they might be called single-family dwellings or similar homes for sale in Fort Sam Houston . The area itself will vary from homes with two bedrooms located around what would be the equivalent of a large golf course, to 4 bedroom homes in an area that would be considered an upscale neighborhood.

The homes here are actually being build or renovated to accommodate all family sizes and needs. There are plenty of housing options including single-family houses as well as townhouses, condominiums and apartments that can fit any military families’ budget. One thing newcomers will notice is the abundance of green spaces such as parks and gardens along with trails for people and pets alike. This provides a safe environment where one can relax at home or spend time outdoors with friends and family, either on their own property or perhaps using one of the public facilities provided through Fort Sam Houston . Those who do not live here will also find it is an easy area to visit and enjoy many great attractions that San Antonio offers.

One of the best things about living on post at Fort Sam Houston are the amenities offered such as family housing, shopping, schools and access to employment. The only downside…the military services do have a tendency to change often so you never know where they’ll be sending their personnel next! We hope you enjoy our site as we look forward in working with you and talking more about home buying throughout this wonderful community. Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you would like additional information regarding home sales, foreclosures or other aspects of real estate.

History of Fort Sam Houston

Fort Sam Houston has a historical legacy as the center of medical training for the United States Army. Today though, there are many other things to enjoy and do in this military city. The fort is home to the 502nd Air Base Wing which operates security at several federal installations throughout Texas and also serves on deployment duty as well . It houses professional schools such as those for intelligence, engineering , communications and more specializing in preparing troops for their time serving our country .

Blessed with over 500 years of history here you can tour multiple museums while exploring different cultures through cuisine or arts & crafts. People will feel right at home when they choose to visit because San Antonio is known for its family-friendly atmosphere along with being one of the most historically rich cities in the country.